Our New Families!!

Here are photos of some of our more recent adoptions!

Gemma, formerly Spin


Birth Date: 2/16/09  Sex:  F    Color: Dark Brindle

Oli, formerly Cheetos


Birth Date: 8/12/10  Sex: M  Color: Red



Birth Date: 6/28/11  Sex:  M    Color: Fawn




Adopted 4/30/16





Adopted 1/22/16





Adopted 2/6/16

Rouga (formerly Jet)


Birth Date: 9/27/12  Sex: M  Color: Red

Lane (formerly Rahz)


Birth Date: 4/23/12  Sex:  M    Color: Black



Birth Date: 4/28/09  Sex:  F    Color: Brindle



Adopted 2/9/16




Adopted 2/12/16



Adopted 2/20/16



Birth Date: 10/13/10  Sex: M  Color: Black


Birth Date:  1/15/08  Sex: F    Color:  Red Brindle



Birth Date: 9/30/11  Sex:  F    Color: Red



Adopted 2/21/16



Adopted 3/5/16




Adopted 3/26/15




Birth Date: 3/1/13  Sex:  M    Color: Red

Caramel, formerly Carrie


Birth Date: 2/9/13  Sex:  F    Color: White & Brindle

Neo, formerly Wayne


Birth Date: 8/14/11  Sex:  M    Color: Red




Adopted 3/28/16



Adopted 4/16/16



Adopted 4/16/16

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