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This page is dedicated to the memory of beloved animal companions who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  If you would like to submit a photo and/or small tribute to your greyhound or other pet, please send it to  Memorials will remain on this page for one month.  Out of respect for the bereaved family, no tributes will be posted without their express permission.



Kristen Kyle



Kira was a happy and delightful greyhound.  She loved her greyhound housemates Bette and Diana (her litter sister) and IG Gaspar.  After Bette and Diana became angels, Luna and Lindy joined the household.  Kira loved to take trips, go to meet-and-greets, and visit with Auntie Leslie, Uncle Dave, Auntie Linda and Auntie Gloria.  She made several trips to Mountain Hounds in Gatlinburg, TN.  Much of the time she would stand up in the van and watch the scenery go by.  At meet-and-greets she would alternate from napping to greeting adults and children alike.  Once in a while she would throw in a play bow and bark her happiness.  And she loved to sniff every blade of grass it seemed. 

Kira is the “Face” of GREAT Inc.’s Facebook page – ears ever alert to see what is happening next!  She is SO missed.

Carol and Johnny Chilton

Luna, Lindy and Kira’s daughter Bee




In 2008 we adopted Joy from GREAT. She was a faithful companion for my elderly mother. When my mother was too ill to care for her I brought her home with me to live in CT. She loved Connecticut and the snow in the winter. She'd run around like a puppy even in her advanced age. We made annual trips by car to Florida to visit Mom and she loved car travel. In July Joy suddenly took ill. She didn't want to eat and she had trouble getting up and walking. The vet found she had a large mass on her bladder that was not visible to the eye. I made the decision to end her suffering on July 20th and stayed with her as she crossed over. She passed one week before her 15th birthday. She was a very special girl and is greatly missed by me and my Mother who just turned 90.

Susan and Marjorie Sawyer

Atascocita Naomi



Nahnee came back into foster care in early April. At her initial vet exam she was sensitive upon extensions of both rear legs and when hips were checked. On May 3rd she went in for a dental and x-rays of rear legs and hip. Sadly, bone cancer was evident, and her hips were full of arthritis. Foster mom Carol Chilton and her previous mom were there when she peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Cookie's Girl



We had to let our sweet Lily go be with Wanda at the Bridge this morning. Our hearts are shattered. The end of the "Wanda & Lily* Era for us. I picture them on the beach running pain free.

Gypsy & Mark Smith


Atascocita Hatty



Our beautiful family pet, Hatty, went peacefully to the rainbow bridge yesterday. What an amazing companion and friend she was to all. When you love, you open yourself to heartache, but love anyways! Today my heart aches, but her suffering stops.

Dina Hunter


Kaias Ben Amiss



In memory of my Lynzie, written by my best friend and someone who holds
Lynzie and Lily in her heart also, Phyllis Hamblin Hunter.

 These are my paw prints
So perfect and small
These paw prints left many
Paths on the ground
Now that I have wings
My paw prints were
Meant for other things
You will hear my paw prints
In the patter of the rain

Gentle drops like angels tears
Of joy and not from pain
You will see my paw prints
In each butterflies lazy dance
I'll let you know I'm with you
If you give me the chance

You will see my paw prints
In the rustle of the leaves
I will bark into the wind
And comfort you as you grieve

Most of all these paw prints
Are found on mommy & Lily's hearts
Cause even though I'm gone now
We'll never truly part.

My Lynzie! Such a sweet, gentle girl. I miss her so much!

Nancy Shirkman



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