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This page is dedicated to the memory of beloved animal companions who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  If you would like to submit a photo and/or small tribute to your greyhound or other pet, please send it to  Memorials will remain on this page for one month.  Out of respect for the bereaved family, no tributes will be posted without their express permission.



ICU Flying Julie


1/2/01 – 11/30/14


Some things in life cannot be explained. You must simply just BELIEVE.


Julie, a greyhound being cared for by GREAT foster parents Laura and Frank Calci, was destined to be with us.


I received an unexpected call one day from Frank.  He said, “I have a greyhound for you”.  He further explained that he had a dream, and in that dream Julie let him know that John and I were her forever parents.


Although it sounded a little farfetched, we believed in Frank’s dream and I went to their home to meet this special greyhound.  As soon as I set foot into their home, I felt an immediate connection with her, as if I had known her all along.   She stayed by my side during my visit, as if she was telling me that she was meant to go home with me.


And, so she did.  Nine wonderful years.  She was a content, happy, and lovingly bossy greyhound.    She had a large social circle of friends, two and four legged.  This was not a surprise, as everyone that met her fell in love with her unique personality.


We traveled many miles, by foot on our walks, and by car during our trips.  She was a sweet, loyal, and loving girl.  We spoiled her and she spoiled us with her love.  I am glad that we took the leap and believed in Julie, because she sure believed in us.


After losing her on November 30, we had to make the decision if we were going to bring another greyhound into our family, and when we would do so.  We had to believe that another greyhound needed us and that Julie would want us to share the love with another.  So we brought home Annie.  And, though we already loved her dearly, our hearts still ached for Julie.


But, sometime, you must just believe.  Julie came to me in a dream last night.  In my dream, she lay between John and I.  Annie laid next to me.  They were both curled up, in perfect peaceful acceptance of each other.  I now believe that Julie is happy with our choices, that she has continued her journey, and she was heaven sent.


Thank you to all the volunteers, for your dedication to find a home for these wonderful dogs, and to the foster parents who open their homes to train and foster greyhounds before they find their forever homes.   Keep believing!


Joyce and John McCarthy

Cookie's Legacy


7/9/03 – 6/29/14

"Wanda and Lily" have been one word in our home for over 7 years.  These gentle, loving black beauties changed our lives and have been such a joyful and blessed addition to our home.  Our precious Wanda (purple girl) left us on June 29th due to unknown osteosarcoma in her left front leg, leaving her sister Lily (Cookie's Girl) and us with an unfillable void in our lives.  We miss our Wanda, who raced under the name of 'Cookie's Legacy'.  Wanda enjoyed retirement life as most Greys do, morning "docking station", playing with stuffed "babies", going for rides, and of our two girls she loved the beach and to ‘run fast’ when she got the chance. 

She was our "strong" girl having beat an earlier diagnosis 4 years ago of osteo in the other shoulder.  The oncologist was amazed when she underwent biopsy of 15 samples/pricks without anesthesia.   She and her sister were our children, in a sense, and we miss her physical presence in our lives.  We are grateful, of course, for the time we shared together, but we were not prepared for her sudden departure.  Her absence diminishes and tarnishes each day. 

Mom is even more vigilant and protective of Lily (hard to imagine, I know), lest something evil take her away too soon.  Perhaps someday we will recover from this loss and the emptiness become less noticeable, but that time may be far off.  We pray there is a nice beach at the bridge and the wind is providing loving strokes like only Dad could do as she runs.  To our ‘pretty girl’ - Know that you were loved more than words can describe, we will always carry you in our hearts and as we search for comfort we know that we will see you again one day!!

Gypsy & Mark Smith


Atascocita Dodd


12/24/05 – 9/29/14


My big strong beautiful boy, Dodd, passed away on 9/29/14 in my arms at home. He fought osteosarcoma for 6 months, but was tired and ready to go to the Rainbow Bridge, where he will never have to feel pain or worry again. Dodd got me through some of the darkest days of my life, and I will be eternally grateful to him for that. He had been in many different foster homes and even adopted out and returned before he came to us. I always thought he was merely misunderstood, because he was calm, regal and protective once he realized he was in his "real" forever home.


He could make you laugh with his goofy ways, he was a discriminating connoisseur of the Petco cookie bar and he loved greyhounds and greyhound events. He was a very sensitive greyhound and could look at you like he could see right down to your soul. I adopted him when he was only 2 years old and I was blessed to have 6 years with him. I will miss him every day for the rest of my life, but it helps to know that he still watches over us and that I will see him again.


Run free sweet Doddie, your buddy Shannon has the leash now!


Love always,


Cyndi Rennick


AJs Savannah


3/21/02 - 9/20/14


My Sweet Boy, it's very hard to find the right words to describe the perfect boy but in the Greyt book your picture would be there.  You were taken away so suddenly and even though I got to hug and kiss your sweet face every day, I will always regret not having more time with you.  I will miss our "conversations", our short walks and playing fetch with your baby bear inside and in the backyard.  You were always a perfect gentleman to everyone who came to visit from family to friends, they all left loving you.  The neighbors dogs will also miss having someone to run along the fence with and bark at, but you always had the last word there too.  Your big eyes were truly the mirrors to your sweet soul.


Run free my sweet boy I know Yentl, Matthew Perry and all our greys past were there to meet you at the bridge.  I will miss you very much, and even though my heart is broken, I know we will all be together again one day.


I will Love & Miss you,


Mommy Linda and little Sis Becky




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