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This page is dedicated to the memory of beloved animal companions who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  If you would like to submit a photo and/or small tribute to your greyhound or other pet, please send it to  Memorials will remain on this page for one month.  Out of respect for the bereaved family, no tributes will be posted without their express permission.


Kaias Ben Amiss



In memory of my Lynzie, written by my best friend and someone who holds
Lynzie and Lily in her heart also, Phyllis Hamblin Hunter.

 These are my paw prints
So perfect and small
These paw prints left many
Paths on the ground
Now that I have wings
My paw prints were
Meant for other things
You will hear my paw prints
In the patter of the rain

Gentle drops like angels tears
Of joy and not from pain
You will see my paw prints
In each butterflies lazy dance
I'll let you know I'm with you
If you give me the chance

You will see my paw prints
In the rustle of the leaves
I will bark into the wind
And comfort you as you grieve

Most of all these paw prints
Are found on mommy & Lily's hearts
Cause even though I'm gone now
We'll never truly part.

My Lynzie! Such a sweet, gentle girl. I miss her so much!

Nancy Shirkman

Joe Rennick


4/29/03 Ė 2/28/16


Heaven has gained another angel. RIP my sweet boy... I will always, always and forever love you. Thank you for being my best boy, for being good and perfect and for being everything I needed at every moment we were together. I could not be prouder of you and I will always feel profoundly blessed that you came in to our lives. You taught me so much about love and forgiveness and patience. Kiss Shannon and Meems and all the kids for me... and keep them all in line! I will see you again my sweet man. Until then... I will miss you every moment of every day. 

Cyndi Rennick


Crafty Callie



We lost our Callie girl, my sweet angel dog to laryngeal paralysis today. I don't even know what to say. I know you're not supposed to have favorites but she's my favorite animal I've ever had in my whole life. I am thankful for ER vets and am grateful that she is at peace now with her daughter Penny. We are sooooooo sad, as you can imagine. I really wanted her to make it to her 14th birthday which would have been exactly 2 months from today. Rest in peace, my Callie girl. I will miss you so much and already do.

Dana & Russ Laggan



Close to Home



Homer was my first hound & he will be greatly missed. Itís hard to believe after almost 9 years that he is no longer in our lives. He had a good long life as a loved member of our family & his impact on our family will not soon be forgotten. His easy going, care free demeanor & patience with our three young Terriers will be forever missed. Though our home is filled with the chaos that comes with three young dogs I canít help but feel a great emptiness when I come home from work or go from room to room expecting to see him. I know the sadness of his passing will diminish with time but he will forever be in our hearts.
Glenn & Suzanne Gordon 

Red Marks



Red went peacefully to sleep this morning.  He went into complete kidney failure. His Vet cried with me. He is now meeting all his friends and being the playful boy he once was.

My precious cat did not leave his side until he passed.   She and I are grieving something awful.

He will be forever missed.

Marianne Marks




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