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This page is dedicated to the memory of beloved animal companions who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  If you would like to submit a photo and/or small tribute to your greyhound or other pet, please send it to  Memorials will remain on this page for one month.  Out of respect for the bereaved family, no tributes will be posted without their express permission.


Its Allabouttheu
8/29/10 - 7/9/14

One of our Newest foster girls Uma (nicknamed Uma Thurman) passed away very unexpectedly. She was in for a routine Spay and dental when her heart gave out
on her. Our wonderful vets tried everything to bring her back but were unable to revive her. This is very uncommon and very hard to understand.
We all have heavy hearts but are thankful that Uma got to spend her last few days loved and adored by her foster mom, Linda DePietto.

Thank you Linda for loving her and letting her know how special she was. Uma may you find peace at the Rainbow Bridge.

Kaias Drifter


9/13/03 6/23/14

My beautiful sweet boy!!  Oh, how we will miss you.  You brought such joy when you came into our lives. I still remember the day I picked you up and brought you home. 

You were always such a great ambassador for greyhounds with the meet and greets, county fair and events we would attend.  Such a people greyhound!  You were also our guardian, watchful whenever anyone new came into the house, and ready to protect.

 I even discovered how much you were worth when you ate a whole rotisserie chicken off the kitchen counter and had to be taken to the emergency vet with x-rays and blood work.  It was worth every penny.  I will miss our walks, your crazy 8s in the back yard and your greetings when I left for and came home from work.  You would always excitedly go and grab your bone to show me.  I will miss most of all the way you let me love on you and were so happy when I did. You loved you ear rubs.  I am grateful that you had your favorite meal (chicken) and a last walk before we said goodbye.  I love you “Chance”

Lorna White



Atascocita Yentl


7/2/05 – 5/16/14


My sweet Angel, you were my first greyhound and I couldn’t have had a better teacher.  You rose above the hard life you were born into and for the past 5 years, settled into the most loving companion anyone could ever ask for.  I will miss our play times, your wild runs in the backyard, and yes, all the nights you snuggled close at bedtime.  Bauer will be a lonely boy without you too.  You have touched so many hearts and will be missed by most, especially our meet & greet family.


Thank you for giving me the most wonderful memories.  I will cherish them forever.


Run free my sweet girl until we meet again.  I will love & miss you always.


Your Forever Mom - Linda DePietto and big brother Bauer




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