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The Memorial Garden at Grey Haven

Sparr, Florida is the home of our good friend and colleague Marilyn Varnberg of Greyhound Adoptions of Florida.  Marilyn & her husband Bob worked hard for years to establish Grey Haven, a truly remarkable place where greyhounds that are no longer needed for the racing industry go to be cared for, vetted and wait for their forever families. 


On 3/23/07, Bob passed away and left us with memories of a wonderful friendship, shared goals, and the desire to complete work on one of his dreams... the Freedom  Memorial Garden to honor all of those hounds who died at the hands of the industry as well as much-loved pets who will never be forgotten.  We dedicate this garden to Bob, a quiet gentle man who saved countless numbers of greyhounds.. 


For more information about Grey Haven, visit

For more information about adding a memorial item to the garden for your pets, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.


Marilyn, standing in what would become the Memorial Garden.


Freedom, a glass mosaic sculpture dedicated to the memory of a greyhound who died on July 4, 2005 after being hit by a car.  No one claimed her, so Marilyn named her Freedom, and she was buried here on the site of the future Memorial Garden.



The first two fence panels around the garden.  People will be invited to dedicate a fence panel in memory of a loved one, and we hope to complete the fencing before the end of the year.


The rainy season has resulted in bountiful, blooming growth...

Old view...


Close-up of the same corner... we still have more work ahead of us!


Old view of pond...


New view... look how much has changed!


Old view of the left side of the garden...


and here's the new view - same area.



A quiet spot serves as a peaceful reminder of hounds we have loved...


A close-up of the marker below.

The crepe myrtle behind the marker in Bob's Corner surprised us... it has white AND purple blooms!


Our Liberty Mosaic Greyhound raffle raised $2520 for GREAT and Greyhound Adoptions of Florida!  On 7/28/07 we went to Grey Haven for a work day, and we also took Liberty home!  Pictured below are Marilyn Varnberg (left), founder of Greyhound Adoptions of Florida, and Dione Garnand (right), the winner of the raffle, who donated the statue to Grey Haven to stand guard over the Memorial Garden.  Our sincere thanks to Dione and all of the people who purchased tickets for the raffle... we know you all feel like winners and are happy that Liberty is with Marilyn! 


If you would like to either sponsor a fence section ($100, which will include 3' by 8' fence section, fasteners, brackets, posts, cement and commemorative plaque) or to have a paving stone added to the garden, memorializing a beloved pet, please contact Greyhound Adoptions of Florida:


Greyhound Adoptions of Florida
P.O. Box 955

Sparr, FL    32192-0955

(352) 671-5333



Large paw print measures 16" by 15" (plaque will go in the middle pad, which is 10? by 8? and will be sealed.  Small paw print measures 10" by 9.5" (middle pad is 7" by 6.5").  The engraved plaque is included.    


Large Paw Print - $50

Small Paw Print - $25


Granite memorial paver, etched.  8" by 4", three lines with a maximum of 14 spaces each line.  Etched greyhound with heart is available if desired.


Paver - $50



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