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Listed below are the candidates for election to the Board of Directors for GREAT, Inc. There are three (3) positions available on the Board. Please place a check mark beside the candidates for which you wish to vote. Be sure to only vote for three (3) candidates. If more than three candidates are selected, only the first three will be counted.  You may also vote for any other candidate by writing in your choice.  If you prefer to mail your ballot, please contact Kelly Faircloth.

Ballots will be accepted online from 10/18/17 through 11/4/17. Any late ballots will be discarded.

Results will be announced on our website on 11/6/17.

Only members of GREAT, Inc. are eligible to vote in the Board election.  To become a member, please click here.

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Kelly Faircloth

Kelly and her daughter Melinda have been involved with GREAT since February 2001 when they adopted Shadow, their first greyhound.  Since then Kelly has fostered about 75 greyhounds for GREAT.  Kelly is also webmaster and special events coordinator, and is a former home visitor, editor of the newsletter and coordinator for Citrus Park PetSmart.  Kelly has been a member of the Board since October 2001 and President (her current role) since March 2004.  The Faircloth family includes Buffy & Spike (Italian greyhounds), and 8 year old greyhound Gemma.


Buddy Holliday

When not working on our Historic Home or fixing up our 3 rentals, you will find us spoiling dogs. We have had many breeds and mixes through the years. Most lived to 14-15 years. Our Persian cat lived to 26. Our pets include standard poodle Diana, greyhound Titan and we always have a foster dog. We have attended every meet & greet at Petco Westshore for 4 years and many in Clearwater and Palm Harbor. We also have handled many Home Visits and have run the tires off going to Sunset Point Vets. The Luxury car is gone and I actually enjoy a van.


Liz Lynch

Liz has been involved with greyhounds since she was in high school and adopted her first greyhound from GREAT in 1996. She and her husband Scott have fostered about 35 foster dogs for GREAT, and Liz has served as the coordinator for special events, does home visits, and volunteers her time wherever she is needed. Liz has been a member of the Board since November 2008.  The Lynch canines are greyhound Willow, boxer Penny and Italian greyhound Dexter.

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